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The Cadastre of Mining Waste in the Republic of Serbia

The Cadastre of Mining Waste in the Republic of Serbia is a project aiming to further develop and improve the mining waste management system in the Republic of Serbia by creating its inventory – a cadastre of mining waste.

The cadastre is to be created in the form of a web application and a book, containing also risk assessment, characterization of mining waste and its classification.

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Cadastre to enable responsible mining waste management in Serbia

The Cadastre of Mining Waste project has given Serbia a clear picture regarding this type of waste, providing a basis for assessing the state of the environment and planning further steps towards resolving mining waste, primarily at sites where harmful…

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Serbia gets Cadastre of Mining Waste with European Union support

Serbia has put in place the Cadastre of Mining Waste, following the project implemented by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, and financially supported by the European Union. The EUR 2.1 million worth project has been taking place in the…

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